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Day and Swing Trading the SPY, Earnings and Stock Splits
With Calls, Puts, Verticals & Iron Condors.

Also - Taking advantage of theta drop using the Debit Butterfly on the SPY.

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Established in 1999, SplitMaster.com is an educational site that publishes stock and option trading strategies with a focus on day trading and swing trading, using options. Following the SplitMaster.com strategies is a great way for Investment Clubs or individual traders to put their portfolios to work. Making use of single Call or Put options or combination option strategies such as Debit and Credit Butterflies, Debit or Credit Iron Condors, etc., has produced some fantastic results for our strategies. These kinds of option combinations allow for profits to be made whether the underlying stock goes up or down. Check out all of our strategies and see which one appeals to your style of trading. Choose one, two or perhaps all the strategies will fit your style.

Combined strategies that have returned over 77.93% in 2016

Full Service Trading Strategies

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We have four strategies that have been hitting it out of the park. Level 3 members have access to these strategies every day. All of these strategies can be auto traded through one of our several broker partners. The Strategies are, The Advanced Strategy with a year-to-date win rate of 82.58%, the Split Strategy with a year-to-date win rate of No trades%, the SPY Debit Butterfly with a win rate of 75%, and the Indicator Strategy with a win rate of No Trades%. Read More

Our year-to-date combined profit for the strategies is 82.58%

Upcoming Earnings Plays

Level 2 Members

For those who don't want to watch and trade the market every day but want to take advantage of big moving stocks during earnings season, this simpler, but very informative service has a reduced price that may be perfect for you. The Upcoming Earnings page is great for those traders who like to look through very informative earnings information, then choose what trades they want to make. Read More


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Highlight of the Week: For the week ending March 31, 2017 the Advanced Strategy delivers another big profit overnight! LULU brings in a 30% profit - Past Results

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